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How to create an account

To get started, visit the main website and select your desired plan. Then, proceed through a quick sign-up process to create your account.

MedPass is an all-in-one health membership that offers comprehensive digital care-focused plans without co-pays or hidden fees.

Membership Plans:

Standard: Price: $44.99/month
Includes top-notch medical care and mental health support.

Premier: Price: $64.99/month
Features personalized nutrition, unlimited telehealth, AI-driven tech, mental health support, workouts, ClassPass credits, and more.

Premier+: Price: $74.99/month
Includes extra ClassPass credits, AI-driven tech, at-home workouts, unlimited telehealth, and more.

Key Features & Benefits:

Telehealth: Swift access to urgent care and therapeutic support.
Mental Health: Schedule therapy sessions, take AI-guided assessments, and access appointments with psychiatrists.
Nutrition: Customized meal plans, detailed food information, and access to wellness chat with nutritionists.
Fitness: Unlimited at-home workouts, yoga, stretching, and exclusive ClassPass credits.

One App, Many Benefits: MedPass offers all these features conveniently within a single app.

**Get started with the free trial today at

Updated on: 08/04/2024

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